The Forum, one of Wenceslas Square’s most historically significant buildings, is now home to a brand-new sculpture inspired by its most famous historical occupant – Franz Kafka. The driving force behind the installation of the new sculpture came from real estate company Flow East, the owners of the building and devoted benefactors of the arts in Prague.
The project recalls the narrative of Kafka’s famous novella “The Metamorphosis”, in which the protagonist finds himself transformed into a giant insect. The sculpture, which depicts a giant beetle sitting on the chest of a male human figure made of frosted transparent glass, was created by renowned glass artist Petr Stanický attends Tomas Bata University in Zlín and young sculptor Irena Armutidisová. Stanický, whose work explores the human mind and emotions, was responsible for realising Flow East’s concept. Irena Armutidisová created the initial clay figure which was subsequently turned into wax.