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About us

Flow East is a well-established property development company and a private investor that has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1990. The group owns a portfolio of prime commercial and residential properties, deluxe hotels, a company collecting non-performing debts in a joint venture with Goldman Sachs and a chain of centrally located retail shops. The firm focuses primarily on investments into historical buildings in exclusive locations. Being a long term investor, Flow East continues to own and manage all its properties after they have been developed.

Flow East built the business and assets from the early 1990s until 2006 when the management perceived that asset prices were extended and offered no value. From 2006 to 2008 Flow East sold non-core assets at attractive prices and focused on its core real estate. During the same period the group refinanced its debt with long term bank loans, resulting in the company being very healthy during the crisis of October 2008 and its aftermath.

Flow East is an equity investor that uses its own capital in projects with particular emphasis on those that will benefit from the group´s experience and management expertise to maximise the performance.

Flow East specializes in high-quality renovations of premium historical buildings as well as development of modern logistics parks. After 25 years of successful investments in the country, the team have gathered vast experience in establishing, restructuring and developing businesses in the unique environment of Central and Eastern Europe. With successes in both private and public sector transactions and a solid reputation, Flow East takes advantage of investment opportunities which arise in this market.

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